Newswire | Eleven young organists from around the world at the 6th Canadian International Organ Competition (2024)


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Newswire | Eleven young organists from around the world at the 6th Canadian International Organ Competition (2)

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MONTREAL, APRIL 16, 2024 – The Canadian International Organ Competition (CIOC) presents its triennial competition taking place from October 13 – 27, 2024. This fall, Montreal will welcome 11 top young organists from 7 countries between 19 and 33 years old, who will compete for over $100,000 CAD in prizes. With competition rounds being held in historic venues with renowned organs, this prestigious event highlights the musical and cultural heritage of the city while allowing audiences to discover the next generation of the world’s most talented organists. In addition to the semi-final and final rounds, there will be recitals and masterclasses by several members of the distinguished jury.


The 11 semi-finalists were selected to participate in this year’s competition among a pool of 54 applicants from 23 countries by a jury of internationally renowned organists. The competitors include Alma Bettencourt, Samuel Gaskin, Magdalena Moser, Mélodie Michel, Daniel Minnick, Denis Pisarevskiy, Abraham Ross, Johannes Skoog, Anna Spirina, Leendert Verduijn, and Henry Webb.

The 2024 prizewinners will be chosen by an international jurychaired by Jean-Willy Kunz(Canada) together with Kevin Bowyer (UK),Isabelle Demers(Canada), Hans-Ola Ericsson(Sweden), Bernard Foccroulle(Belgium), Marnie Giesbrecht(Canada), David Hurd(USA), Olivier Latry(France), and Kimberly Marshall (USA).

Prizes total over $100 000 in value, which is one of the largest award disbursem*nts by any international organ competition. The grand-prize winner will take home a cash prize of $25 000 in addition to the chance to record an album with ATMA Classique, career management services by Karen McFarlane Artists, and a 3-year career development program by the CIOC.


The semi-final and final competition rounds will take place in three different venues. The competition begins with the first part of the semi-final round at the Immaculée-Conception Church (October 17 & 18) with a repertoire composed of German Baroque works by Bach, Bruhns, Buxtehude, and Lübeck. The second part of the semi-final round will take place at Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church (October 21 & 22)with a free choice of repertoire from the 19th, 20th, and 21stcenturies. The final round takes place at the prestigious Maison symphonique de Montréal (October 25), during which each of the 4 finalists selected after the semi-final rounds will present full recital programs consisting of a free choice of repertoire spanning from the Baroque Era to the 21st century.

Competition Rounds will also be livestreamed on the CIOC Facebook page and YouTube channel. Audience members both in-person and online will be able to cast votes for their favourite competitor for the $5,000 Richard-Bradshaw Audience Prize.


Coinciding with the competition is our annual Grand Organ Festival, a month-long celebration of the King of Instruments. Packed with a wide range of programming aimed at presenting the organ in unique and innovative ways, this festival promises to delight audiences with world-class performances and unforgettable events. With concerts ranging from classical to contemporary and pop styles, the festival is a testament to the limitless possibilities and stunning range of the pipe organ. Events will take place throughout Montreal, with special excursions to Québec City, Saint-Hyacinthe, and Ottawa.

Over a dozen activities are planned at various locations, including concerts byrenowned organist Olivier Latry, Bernard Foccroulle, Isabelle Demers, and others; educationalworkshops, tours, and masterclasses; and our Gala Concert featuringthetop three CIOC prizewinners.The CIOC will also collaborate with the Montréal-based Growlers Choir(a first-of-its-kind ensemble of heavy-metal vocalists) to present “Mega-Growl,” featuring the world premiere of a work by Pierre-Luc Senécalfor Growlers Choir, pipe organ, percussion, invented instruments (with Jean-François Laporte), and classical vocal ensemble Temps Fort.


The Canadian International Organ Competition is proud to present the Festival des Couleurs de l’orgue françaisas part of our 2024 Grand Organ Festival program.Now celebrating its 30thannual edition, this festival (under the artistic direction of Yves-G. Préfontaine) presents free concerts (by voluntary contribution) each Sunday in October at the Chapelle des Prêtres de Saint-Sulpice at 3 p.m. The 2024 edition will include performances by Yves-G. Préfontaine(October 6), Jennifer Loveless(October 13), Jean-Luc Perrot(October 20), and international jury member Kimberly Marshall(October 27).

Additional details and ticketing information to be announced soon at

We are grateful to Tourisme Québec and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for their support.


The Canadian International Organ Competition is a registered charity that is dedicated to creating unique events and activities that showcase the talents of organists throughout the world. The promotion of the cultural importance of pipe organs – treasures of our heritage – through collaboration with partner organizations in the organ world, is at the core of its’ mission.

This page is also available in / Cette page est également disponible en: Francais (French)

Abraham Ross Alma Bettencourt and Kimberly Marshall (USA) Anna Spirina Bernard Foccroulle Bernard Foccroulle(Belgium) CIOC Daniel Minnick David Hurd(USA) Denis Pisarevskiy Festival des couleurs de l’orgue français Grand Organ Festival Growlers Choir Hans-Ola Ericsson(Sweden) Henry Webb Immaculée-Conception Church Isabelle Demers Isabelle Demers(Canada) Jean-François Laporte Jean-Luc Perrot Jennifer Loveless Johannes Skoog Kevin Bowyer (UK) Kimberly Marshall Leendert Verduijn Magdalena Moser Maison Symphonique de Montréal Marnie Giesbrecht(Canada) Mélodie Michel Olivier Latry Olivier Latry(France) Pierre-Luc Senécal Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church Samuel Gaskin Yves-G. Préfontaine

Newswire | Eleven young organists from around the world at the 6th Canadian International Organ Competition (2024)


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