GATECREEPER – Release New Single ‘Masterpiece Of Chaos’ from Forthcoming Album “Dark Superstition” + New EU Tour Dates In October & November – Kronos Mortus News (2024)

GATECREEPER – Release New Single ‘Masterpiece Of Chaos’ from Forthcoming Album “Dark Superstition” + New EU Tour Dates In October & November – Kronos Mortus News (1)

GATECREEPER’s searing new single ‘Masterpiece of Chaos‘ evokes their tried and true, singular death metal style. Vocalist Chase Mason tells,“Masterpiece of Chaos is a nightmarish vision of a broken mirror with an ominous creature that lives within the fragmented web of glass. It sonically contrasts and compliments the more melodic approach we took to some of the other songs.”

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GATECREEPER – Release New Single ‘Masterpiece Of Chaos’ from Forthcoming Album “Dark Superstition” + New EU Tour Dates In October & November – Kronos Mortus News (2)

GATECREEPER – Dark Superstition
Release Date: 17 May 2024
LP | CD | Cassette | Digital Album

01 – Dead Star
02 – Oblivion
03 –The Black Curtain
04 – Masterpiece of Chaos
05 – Superstitious Vision
06 – A Chilling Aura
07 –Caught in the Treads
08 – Flesh Habit
09 – Mistaken For Dead
10 – Tears Fall From the Sky

GATECREEPER’s pivotal new albumDark Superstitionis due in just one month viaNuclear Blast– their label debut. Their sprawling third full-length is more concise, melodic, and memorable than anything they’ve ever done. It sees vocalistChase H. Mason, guitaristsEric WagnerandIsrael Garza, drummer MetalMatt Arrebolloand bassistAlex Brown—carving out their own path.

Dark Superstitiondeals with the supernatural, divination, fear of the unknown, and trust in magic or chance. The album shapeshifts from one brutal soundscape to the next as each sonic structure rouses its own emotion and landscape.

“Many of the songs incorporate supernatural ideas with my own experiences,”Mason says.“But the title itself is a reference to the Superstition Mountains in our home state of Arizona. It’s a beautiful mountain range surrounded by tragedy and legends of hidden fortune.”

To help perfect their game this round, Gatecreeper joined forces with drummer / songwriterFred Estby, of Swedish death metal titans Dismember, whose influences can be heard throughout the album.Dark Superstitionwas recorded at God City Studios in Salem, MA withConvergeguitaristKurt Ballou,who also mixed the album.

This month Gatecreeper hit the road with In Flames followed by a West Coast / Southwest headlining run which hits Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver and more. Undeath, Jarhead Fertilizer and Final Gasp will support each night. Tickets can be purchasedhere– see below for a full list of dates.

GATECREEPERwill tour the U.S. with headliners and label matesIN FLAMES.


Apr 28: London, ON – Rum Runners Music Hall
Apr 29: Hamilton, ON – Bridgeworks
May 01: Portland, ME – State Theatre *
May 02: Hampton Beach, NH – Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom *
May 03: Brooklyn, NY – Warsaw *
May 04: Wilmington, DE – The Queen *
May 05: Norfolk, VA – The Norva *
May 07: Charleston, SC – Charleston Music Hall *
May 08: Greensboro, NC – Piedmont Hall *
May 09: Atlanta, GA – Buckhead *
May 10: Daytona, FL – Welcome to Rockville *
May 11: Pensacola, FL – Handlebar *
May 12: Huntsville, AL – Mars Music Hall *
May 14: Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works *
May 16: Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre *
May 17: Buffalo, NY – The Town Ballroom *
May 18: Louisville, KY – Portal *
May 19: Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Metal Fest *
May 21: Detroit, MI – St. Andrews *
May 22: St. Louis, MO – The Hawthorn *
May 23: Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom *
May 24: Austin, TX – Emo’s *
May 25: Houston, TX – House of Blues *
May 26: Dallas, TX – House of Blues *
May 28: Santa Fe, NM – Tumbleroot Distillery
May 29: Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
May 30: Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
May 31: Boise, ID – The Olympic
Jun 01: Vancouver, BC – Pearl on Granville
Jun 02: Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
Jun 03: Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios
Jun 05: Sacramento, CA – Goldfield Trading Post
Jun 06: San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Shop
Jun 07: Los Angeles, CA – 1720
Jun 08: Mesa, AZ – Record Release Show

* – w/ In Flames


Oct 30: Dublin, IRE – Whelan’s
Oct 31: Bristol, UK – The Fleece
Nov 01: London, UK – O2 Academy Islington
Nov 02: Manchester, UK – Damnation Festival
Nov 03: Hertogenbosch, NL – Sepulfest
Nov 04: Wiesbaden, DE – Schlachthof
Nov 05: Zurich, CH – Dynamo
Nov 06: Milan, IT – Legend Club
Nov 07: Vienna, AT – Arena
Nov 08: Munich, DE – Backstage
Nov 09: Essen, DE – Turock
Nov 10: Hannover, DE – Musikzentrum
Nov 11: Copenhagen, DK – Pumpehuset
Nov 14: Tampere, FI – Olympia
Nov 15: Helsinki, FI – Aaniwalli
Nov 16: Oulu, FL – Kantakrouvi
Nov 18: Stockholm, SE – Kollektivet Livet
Nov 19: Gothenburg, SE – Film Studios
Nov 20: Hamburg, DE – Knust
Nov 21: Berlin, DE – SO36
Nov 22: Leipzig, DE – Ut Connewitz
Nov 23: Stuttgart, DE – Im Wizemann
Nov 24: Antwerp, BE – Zappa



Formed in 2013,GATECREEPERhave spent the last decade steadily winning fans across metal, punk and hardcore scenes. Their self-titled 2014 EP established instant credibility as purveyors of the old-school form. The band signed with Relapse, releasing their highly acclaimed full-length debutSonoran Depravation(2016), followed byDeserted(2019). Throughout the years they’ve toured with Cannibal Corpse, Power Trip, Obituary, Municipal Waste and more.

Chase H. Mason| Vocals
Eric Wagner|Guitar
Matt Arrebollo|Drums
Israel Garza|Guitar
Alex Brown|Bass

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GATECREEPER – Release New Single ‘Masterpiece Of Chaos’ from Forthcoming Album “Dark Superstition” + New EU Tour Dates In October & November – Kronos Mortus News (2024)


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