The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (2024)

Here's what Channing Tatum has been up to since busting out that pony dance (if you know, you know).

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (1)

Magic Mike burned up the screen when it hit theaters in 2012. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the comedy-drama stars Channing Tatum as Mike, the proverbial stripper with a heart of gold, and exploits of the Kings of Tampa, an all-male revue. His well-oiled comrades include the Kid (Alex Pettyfer), Ken (Matt Bomer), Tarzan (Kevin Nash), and of course, Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello), who all carry a show run by the seductive and shifty Dallas (Matthew McConaughey). Mike introduces the Kid to this particular branch of show business, promising Adam's sister Brooke (Cody Horn) that he'd keep her brother out of trouble,but the Kid finds that the stripping lifestyle has its temptations — and dangers. The movie inspired two sequels, Magic Mike XXL (2015) and Magic Mike's Last Dance (2023), as well as a spinoff stage musical and reality TV show.

While Tatum originally conceived the film’s premise, based on his own eight-month experience as a male stripper, Magic Mike wasn't intended as a biopic. As the actor explained to EW in 2012, "This isn’t a movie about my life. [The plot] has nothing to do with me other than that there’s an 18, 19-year-old kid coming into this world. That’s it. [But] I think the world is pretty damn accurate. Everything you see in the movie is stuff that I saw."

Here’s what the Magic Mike cast has been up to since dancing (and stripping) their hearts out.

Channing Tatum (Mike Lane)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (2)

Channing Tatum had the eponymous role as the ambitious and talented stripper "Magic Mike" Lane.

Tatum's breakthrough role came in 2006 with the dance film Step Up, where he met his future ex-wife, costar Jenna Dewan. Tatum also starred in She's the Man opposite Amanda Bynes in 2006, played Duke in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009), and shared the screen with Amanda Seyfried in Dear John (2010).

2012 was a big year for the actor; In addition to Magic Mike, Tatum starred in the rom-com The Vow with Rachel McAdams and the buddy-cop action comedy 21 Jump Street with Jonah Hill.

Next, Tatum jumped into a political action thriller, White House Down (2013) and reunited with Hill for the 2014 sequel 22 Jump Street. He also costarred with Steve Carell in the biographical sports film Foxcatcher in 2014. Tatum starred in and co-produced the sequel Magic Mike XXL in 2015 before appearing in Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), Free Guy (2021), and The Lost City (2022). In 2022, he directed his first film, the road-trip comedy Dog, which he also starred in. The movie also featured his Magic Mike costar Kevin Nash. In 2023, Tatum returned to the "stripperverse" to wrap up the story in Magic Mike's Last Dance.

Tatum has two upcoming films coming up in 2024: a romantic comedy set in the 1960s space race with Scarlett Johansson, and the thriller Blink Twice directed by his fiancée, Zoë Kravitz.

Tatum was married to Jenna Dewan from 2009 to 2019. Their daughter Everly was born in 2013. The former couple is currently in a legal dispute over Tatum’s Magic Mike profits. He started dating Zoë Kravitz in 2021, and they recently got engaged in October 2023.

Alex Pettyfer (Adam)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (3)

Alex Pettyfer played Adam, a.k.a. "The Kid" who Mike took under his wing and introduced to stripping.

Pettyfer's first major film role was in the 2006 teenage spy movie Stormbreaker. In 2011, he starred in the Y.A. sci-fi movie I Am Number Four and the romantic fantasy drama Beastly with Vanessa Hudgens.

Following Magic Mike, Pettyfer appeared in the 2014 romantic drama Endless Love, the historical dramedy Elvis & Nixon (2016), and the crime drama Echo Boomers (2020).

Despite Adam's strong relationship with his "best friend" Mike, the character didn't return for the 2015 sequel, Magic Mike XXL, reportedly because of personal differences between Pettyfer and Tatum. "Channing Tatum does not like me," he told EW in 2015, "and for many reasons —many being my own fault."

Most recently, he's appeared in the 2024 vampire film Sunrise, and the upcoming spy comedy The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

In 2012, Pettyfer was briefly engaged to Riley Keough, who played Nora in Magic Mike. He married German model Toni Garrn in 2020, and the pair have a daughter Luca, born in 2021. Garrn announced their separation in April 2023.

Cody Horn (Brooke)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (4)

Cody Horn played the breakfast-loving Brooke, Adam's sister and Mike's love interest.

Horn had a recurring role in 2010 on the FX series Rescue Me and a brief arc on The Office in 2011. She appeared in a 2011 episode of White Collar, starring Magic Mike costar Matt Bomer, and the film Violet & Daisy (2011) with Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel.

Following Magic Mike, Horn appeared in the 2012 action thriller End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal, her last role in a major film.

Olivia Munn (Joanna)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (5)

Olivia Munn played Joanna, Mike's on-again/off-again girlfriend who —apparently during an "off" period — acquired a fiancé.

Munn began her career in television in 2006 on the gaming network G4, notably the series Attack of the Show (2006–2010) before becoming a correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show (2010–2011) and landing a main cast role on the Aaron Sorokin political drama The Newsroom (2012–2014).

After Magic Mike, Munn costarred in the horror movie Deliver Us From Evil (2014) and the Gwyneth Paltrow comedy Mortdecai (2015). She played Psylocke in the superhero blockbuster X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) and Casey in the sci-fi action film The Predator (2018). The actress recently portrayed Thomas Edison in the 2021 Netflix comedy America: The Motion Picture and appeared in an episode of Tales of the Walking Dead in 2022.

Munn began dating comedian John Mulaney in 2021. Their son, Malcolm, was born in November 2021. She announced her breast cancer diagnosis via Instagram in March 2024 and shared that she had a double mastectomy.

Matthew McConaughey (Dallas)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (6)

Matthew McConaughey played the strip club boss Dallas, who taught the Kid how to make love to a mirror.

For McConaughey, it was an easy decision to take the role, telling EW in 2012, "I didn't really seek anyone's advice. This is one of the few times I've ever said yes to a part over the phone. It was [because of] who was talking to me. Soderbergh. He pitched this story and I was on two knees laughin' my ass off."

In 1993, McConaughey got his big break by playing Wooderson in Richard Linklater's cult comedy Dazed and Confused, a much-loved role that was mostly improvised, including his classic stoner catchphrase, "Alright, alright, alright".

McConaughey soon began to take on more serious roles, including a heroic lawyer in A Time to Kill (1996). He costarred in the science-fiction movie Contact (1997), the historical drama Amistad (1997), and the submarine film U-571 (2000). The actor spent several years in popular romantic comedies including The Wedding Planner (2001) with Jennifer Lopez, and opposite Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) and Fool’s Gold (2008). He also notably starred in The Lincoln Lawyer (2011).

The same year as Magic Mike, McConaughey starred in the drama Mud (2012). He then won an Oscar for his lead role as a cowboy with HIV in Dallas Buyers Club (2013). A brief but iconic turn in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) soon followed in which he memorably drums on his chest with Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor received an Emmy nomination for playing Rust Cohle in True Detective season 1 (2014).

Since then, McConaughey has starred in the science-fiction film Interstellar (2014), the animated musical comedy Sing (2016), the science fantasy adventure The Dark Tower (2017), the mystery thriller Serenity (2019), and the crime movie The Gentleman (2019).

McConaughey married Brazilian model and designer Camila Alves in 2012. They have three children: Levi, Vida, and Livingston.

Joe Manganiello (“Big Dick Richie”)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (7)

Joe Manganiello plays “Big Dick Richie,” who demonstrates in silhouette how he earned his raunchy stripper name.

Manganiello was already well-known for playing the often-shirtless werewolf Alcide in HBO's vampire series True Blood when he auditioned for the Magic Mike role. "When I came in for a meeting with the casting director, she hadn't seen True Blood,” he told EW in 2012. “So she said, 'Are you going to be comfortable with partial nudity?' And I go, 'Have you seen my show? I'm the poster child for that.'"

Manganiello had early roles in superhero films Spider-Man (2002) and Spider-Man 3 (2007) as Flash Thompson before breaking big in True Blood from 2010 to 2014. He also had recurring roles on How I Met Your Mother (2006–2012) and One Tree Hill (2008–2010).

Following Magic Mike, Manganiello appeared in several comedies, including Pee-Wee's Big Holiday (2016), as well as action films like Sabotage (2014) and Rampage (2018). He's acted opposite Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson in 2023's comedy thriller The Kill Room. Manganiello also reprised his Big Dick Richie role in Magic Mike XXL (2015) and Magic Mike's Last Dance (2023).

Manganiello married actress Sofía Vergara in 2015; the couple divorced in 2024.

Matt Bomer (Ken)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (8)

Matt Bomer brought the Kenergy to the Magic Mike films as a stripper with the body of a muscular plastic doll.

"The whole idea terrified me,” Bomer told EW in 2012 about playing a stripper. “That's part of why I wanted to do it —not just to work with these great actors and Steven [Soderbergh]. It pushed the envelope and made my family go, 'What?'"

Bomer began his career with roles in soap operas like All My Children and Guiding Light. He soon appeared in season 1 of the Fox supernatural drama Tru Calling (2003–2004) and had a recurring role on NBC’s action-comedy Chuck (2007–2009).

The actor's first lead television role was the USA Network’s police procedural White Collar, which starred Bomer as con artist Neal Caffrey (2009–2014). He scored an Emmy nomination for the HBO film The Normal Heart (2014), starred in American Horror Story seasons Freak Show and Hotel (2015–2016), and voiced Negative Man in the Max superhero series Doom Patrol (2019–2023).

In addition to reprising his Magic Mike role in both sequels, Bomer starred in the 2016 Ryan Gosling buddy comedy The Nice Guys.

Bomer recently played Hawk, a closeted gay State Department employee during the McCarthy years, in the Showtime miniseries Fellow Travelers (2023) opposite Jonathan Bailey, and appeared in Bradley Cooper’s Oscar-nominated film Maestro (2023). He also portrayed the Flash in several DC Animated Universe films, including Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths (2024).

Bomer married publicist Simon Halls in 2011. The couple has three children: son Kit, and twin brothers Walker and Henry.

Adam Rodriguez (Tito)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (9)

Adam Rodriguez played the stripper Tito in all three Magic Mike films.

Rodriguez is best known for his lead role as Detective Eric Delko on the CBS police procedural CSI: Miami (2002–2012). He joined the cast of CBS' Criminal Minds as Luke Alvez in 2016.

He's also appeared in the TV miniseries Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (2020), and the comedy film Scrambled (2023).

Rodriguez tied the knot with model Grace Gail in 2016. They have three children: daughters Georgie and Frankie, and son Bridgemont.

Kevin Nash (Tarzan)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (10)

Wrestling superstar Kevin Nash took on the role of beefy jungle-themed stripper Tarzan in Magic Mike and the sequels.

Nash's wrestling career included long stints with the WWE, World Championship Wrestling, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship five times, along with many other contests and accolades.

The wrestler's first film was the 1991 action comedy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, playing the mutated Super Shredder. He later enjoyed roles in The Punisher (2004), and The Longest Yard (2005). Since Magic Mike, Nash has also appeared in John Wick (2014), Chick Fight (2020), and Channing Tatum's directorial debut Dog (2022).

Nash has been married to his wife, Tamara McMichael, since 1988. Their son Tristen was born in 1996.

Gabriel Iglesias (Tobias)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (11)

Gabriel Iglesias played Tobias, the Kings of Tampa's DJ, who got the Kid into trouble by selling ecstasy to college kids.

Iglesias started his entertainment career in the cast of Nickelodeon’s All That (2000). Now a famous stand-up comedian who goes by the handle "Fluffy," his TV specials include Hot and Fluffy (2007), I'm Not Fat… I'm Fluffy (2009), and Aloha Fluffy (2012). He starred in his own Netflix sitcom, Mr. Iglesias, playing a public school teacher for two seasons (2019–2020).

Iglesias has also found success as a voice actor. He played a dog in the buddy cop comedy Show Dogs (2018) and one of the lead roles in UglyDolls (2019). In 2021, he voiced Speedy Gonzales in the live-action/animated basketball film Space Jam: A New Legacy. He’s also known for his vocal performances in The Book of Life (2014) and Coco (2017).

Iglesias was in a relationship with Claudia Valdez for many years and still remains close with his proclaimed stepson, Frankie.

Mircea Monroe (Mercedes)

The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (12)

Mircea Monroe played Ken's wife, Mercedes, who participated in a foursome with Ken and the Kid.

Mercedes played Morning Randolph on the Showtime sitcom Episodes for five seasons (2011–2017) and had a recurring role as Tansy Truitt on the CW comedy-drama Hart of Dixie (2011–2015). She has also appeared in the movies Just Friends (2005), The Change-Up (2011), Dumbbells (2014) and Book Club (2018).

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The cast of “Magic Mike”: Where are they now? (2024)


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