Orbi Guest Wifi Test Deep Link Alert (2024)

1. Notifications - "Guest Wifi PN: Guest Wifi Test deep link" (RBR50)

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  • I have an #RBR50 and the app on my iPhone. I do not have a guest network enabled. This morning, my phone popped up with 3 alerts within 4 minutes that all said, "Guest Wifi PN: Guest Wifi Test deep link" I never get Orbi notifications on my phone and this morning I got 3 with no explanation. Google ...

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Orbi Guest Wifi Test Deep Link Alert (2024)


What is a deep link in guest WiFi test? ›

A deep link is a hyperlink that directs users to a specific page or content within an application rather than just the homepage. The deeplink tester will check that the deep links work correctly and redirect users to the intended destination.

What does guest WiFi PN mean? ›

Most Wi-Fi routers give you the ability to create what's called a “guest Wi-Fi” network. Unlike your regular Wi-Fi network that you and your family members use, the guest Wi-Fi network restricts what your guests can do in your network. Specifically, it gives visitors access to your Internet connection and nothing else.

How do I know if Orbi is not working? ›

Start by checking hardware connections, restarting the router, and examining LED indicators. If these steps don't yield results, verify your internet connection and update your router's firmware. If all else fails, don't hesitate to contact Orbi's customer support for expert assistance.

How do I test my Orbi connection? ›

To run a speed test in the Orbi app:
  1. Launch the Orbi app from a mobile device that is connected to your wireless network.. The Dashboard displays.
  2. Tap the Internet Speed tile.
  3. Tap Test my speed. ...
  4. (Optional) To see how your most recent speed test compares to your prior speed tests, tap History.
Oct 14, 2022

Can you tell if someone has accessed your Wi-Fi? ›

You can use WiFi Guard, one of the many apps to check a full list of connected devices to your network. This is similar to checking it on your router, it's just a third-party option that you can use on both iOS and Android devices. The app will scan your WiFi network and show you the devices sharing it.

How do you trigger a deep link? ›

Testing Deep Links With ADB
  1. -s to select the correct device.
  2. shell - to send a shell command.
  3. am - to call the activity manager in the shell.
  4. start to start an activity.
  5. -W to wait for the activity to finish before returning.
  6. -a android. intent. action. VIEW to indicate a link.
  7. -d.

What is the difference between guest Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi? ›

Access controls: Only people who know the password can access the main WiFi network. But a guest network is usually open. Even if you can set a password for it, you'll make it widely available. Usage restrictions: With a guest network, you have more control over how customers interact with it.

Why is my guest Wi-Fi not working? ›

Verify that guest WiFi is enabled on the router or access point and that SSID is visibly broadcasting. Check that the WiFi password, if set, is correct and provided to users. Examine the router admin console to confirm guest network settings are properly configured.

Is guest Wi-Fi slower? ›

When you don't have enough bandwidth to accommodate all of your device traffic, your guest WiFi will slow to a crawl and interrupt streaming data, like video and music. If you are using the Managed WiFi Dashboard, it monitors bandwidth usage for you. If you see the graph peaking, you should consider upgrading.

What color should Orbi be when working? ›

Blue LED: Your Orbi Satellite connection strength is optimal. Amber LED: Weak signal – Move the Satellite closer. Magenta LED: No connection to the Orbi Network found – Move your satellite closer. Flashing White: Standby – Firmware or configuration update in progress.

Why is my Orbi connected but not working? ›

Reset the Orbi router by holding down the off button for at least 15 seconds or freeing it from the power source. Repeat the process with the modem and stay many seconds before turning them back on. When the bias is reconnected, it should be suitable to sync and resolve any connectivity issues.

How long does an Orbi router last? ›

WiFi routers are solid state devices. There are no 'moving parts' or things that wear out. Just like a TV, they should function for many years. Certainly more than 4-5 years.

How do I increase my Orbi signal strength? ›

Position Your Orbi Router and Satellites: The physical placement of your Orbi router and satellites can significantly impact your Wi-Fi performance. Ensure that your router is centrally located, away from obstructions such as walls or large furniture.

How long does Orbi take to connect? ›

Wait for the satellite to sync with the router. The bottom Light LED on the satellite lights white while it attempts to sync with your Orbi router. It might take about six minutes for your satellite to sync.

What is the home IP for Orbi? ›

The default Gateway IP address of your Orbi is Some browsers may have cached this page by accident.

What is a deep link example? ›

For example, if the deep link is “myapp://path/to/page?pageid=1”, the device will open the app whenever a user clicks a link that starts with “myapp://”. If the app is already installed on the device it is opened and the reset of the link is parsed to direct the user to the desired page.

What is a deep link vs regular link? ›

Deep links work in a very similar way to normal web links — which, when you click on them, take you to an article or a page inside a website. The difference is that in the context of mobile, these links take you to content inside an app. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is the difference between URL and deep link? ›

A deep link is a URL that directs a user to a specific page within an app or website, while a standard URL directs a user to the root of the website or app. Deep links can allow for a seamless user experience, as users do not have to navigate multiple pages to reach their desired content.

What is the difference between Web view and deep link? ›

Webview: Is a control to render webpages from any site in a mobile app. You just need to provide a URL to the control in your app, it will do the rest. Deep Linking: Aims at opening relevant content in the application upon click of any url in browser, mail app, message app etc.


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