Carrot Tart With Ricotta and Feta Recipe (2024)



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Laura Hackett

Good foundation for a recipe, but I found it rather boring simply topped with carrots, so I added a few more spring delights: arugula, thinly sliced radish, snap peas, and some caramelized onion. With those additions, along with blending some thyme into the ricotta mixture, it was a delightful dish. :)


So similar to her Potato Tart with Goat Cheese and Thyme, this recipe of Sue Li is a gorgeous presentation. The Publix grocery has a similar puff pastry tart recipe with asparagus and gruyere that is also fabulous. (Google ‘Publix Asparagus Tart’.) Just shows that this can be such a versatile recipe with a change up of the vegetable cheese pairing and seasonings. I can think of lots of possibilities!!!


The feta ricotta spread is next level and carrots are far too boring to be the only thing you put on it. Peppers, onions, and mushrooms are a good addition.

JeanneD link shows how to deal with puff pastry: scoring, pricking, rolling out, etc.


I made this last night as an appetizer and it impressed my guests. Luckily they spent all afternoon hiking in the Adirondacks so they had the appetite for carbs. I added parsnips and an extra clove of garlic to the cheese mixture and it was perfect. The frozen pastry dough I use from my super market had two sheets so I had one extra tort for breakfast this morning. I cracked four eggs on the second tort baked it till the eggs were perfect and had another impressive meal the morning after. ❤️

Michelle Trim

Made this yesterday - ended up making 2 because 2 sheets of pastry in TJoes package. I doubled the recipe and subbed the feta with 1/2 cup grated gruyere. I just mixed it with a spoon - no reason to dirty the processor. I used a mix of roasted veggies (heirloom carrots, 2 small potatoes, onions, mushrooms, shallots, yellow and red peppers, and a roasted heirloom tomato that had been cut very thin. I used an Italian herb mix and EVOO for the veggies before I put them in the oven. YUM YUM YUM


Roasting the some/all carrots with harissa might make it more exciting for you.


Until they add a video, here are a few suggestions - think of puff pastry as being like pie dough in terms of rolling it out to a certain size but keeping the rectangular shape instead of making it round. And “lightly scoring” means to take a small knife and gently cut a line through the top of the pastry only, not all the way through. Hope that helps!

Don't Put The Cheese In The Food Processor

The blender just blasts the cheese to the sides and the knives whirs without actually blending anything. Then you have to scrape it out and you lose a little bit of the ingredients in the process. There's not enough cheese to have a mass that a food processor can work with. Just vigorously stir the cheese and garlic in a bowl. It came out great for us.


I tried roasting my carrots with a little lemon juice and used purple carrots. I also made my own lemon ricotta instead and crumbled the feta on top. It was fabulous! Roasting whole cloves of garlic with the carrots and adding that on top might be good too.


My puff pastry totally puffed like crazy on the first bake, and I did prick it a lot with a fork. In fact, it puffed less on the edges where it wasn't pricked. So make sure you really get in there and prick it generously!


I assume they mean to cook the carrots and puff pastry at the same time. The pastry on the top rack, carrots on the bottom. That's how I am reading this.


I actually really liked this recipe but I get how it's very dependent on the quality of the carrots. I did use multi colored carrots so some would be less sweet than using all orange carrots. I also used thyme as the herb to finish which I chose purposely. It was delicious and super easy.Also, I was too lazy to get the food processor out and just mixed the cheeses together with the garlic. Worked perfectly fine.


Confused about the puff pastry. In the first paragraph, the recipe call to bake it for about 20 minutes, remove from the oven. But in the second paragraph, it says to bake the carrots under the puff pastry on the lower rack. Can anyone clarify?


Would you consider adding a brief video for novice cooks? Especially as it relates to "lightly" scoring the pastry, or even working the puff pastry as I'm not used to working with it.Thanks for your consideration.


Double the garlic


I took inspiration of the notes here. I used goat cheese, and added thyme to the carrots, plus a shallot when I added them to the dough base. Which I also changed up into a flatbread type, or what is called Flammkuchen. It's a very simple recipe (Flour, water, salt, oil) and it just needs to rest about 30 min before using. We loved it that way and will do again. I will try the ricotta/feta mix, I opted for goat cheese as it's a slightly cheaper (but tasty) alternative.

Kris Schultz

So I learned the hard way: PUFF PASTRY & PHILO DOUGH ARE NOT THE SAME THING!I am otherwise an experienced cook, but glad to know I still have a lot to learn!


I wish I had read the notes before making this. Definitely needs some extra oomph—garlic, other veggies, spice? The carrot sticks on top were pretty, but the whole contraption was somewhat fussy to eat with toothy carrots and soft flaky crust. Maybe cut the carrots in coins and roast them very well before topping.

Hannah Gormley

Why would you bake the puff pastry without the toppings first? Could you just roast the carrots, make the cheese stuff, put it on the raw puff pastry and bake the whole thing?


Very good. Bob liked it too. Could use other vegetables.

Ei in CA

Made this today, adding a large, thickly sliced shallot to the roasting carrots, along with a good sprinkling of zatar over the tart. It was a hit with my guests for Easter dinner. Make sure to cook the carrots until they are very tender to make cutting the tart easy. Mine were a bit too firm and it was hard to cut the tart without messing it up.

Luke S

I really enjoyed this. I accidentally added 4 garlic cloves as I misread the recipe and I thought it was really lovely.


Made two of these with DuFour pastry sheets. Used 1 lb of sliced Parnsips and 1+ lbs of multicolored carrots. SErved to my book group for lunch. Very tasty, like by all. created te recipe pretty much as described. I thought I had overcooked the carrots, but they tasted great. The pastry puffed up brilliantly, had to be patted down- no problem. I will dispense with 'scorng' next time. can't see that it had any effect.


Would this be good made the night before and eaten the next day cold? Thinking for a work potluck.


Admittedly the store-bought pasty I used was unexciting and cardboard-y, but I still found this dish a bit boring. Next time I would add tastier vegetables and look at some herbs that would compliment them. Having said that, it was an easy breezy brunch dish that looks lovely.

Diane Moore

Such a gorgeous treat with those jewel-toned carrots! “A work of art” one diner said. Based on other reviews, I wanted to incorporate a little more flavor. Roasted the carrots with fresh thyme. Added a little lemon zest to the ricotta mix. I didn’t really taste the feta. Next time I might sprinkle some on the top, too.


Could you use filo instead?


I don't mean to be unpleasant, but this was one of the less appealing recipes I have ever made from NYT. There is something about the shriveled and gnaw-y texture of the carrots and their blandness combined with the grainy ricotta texture that made this something no one in my family enjoyed eating. As a recipe per se it is fine, but I agree with many other writers here who suggest piling on other toppings or exchanging the carrot for something else.


Dear Lord this is good. I've made other NYT recipes with puff pastry (always Dufour--such a treat when it's on sale), but cooking it first as in this recipe is MAGIC. Didn't need to cook the pastry but ten minutes, but the carrots kind of caramelized in fifteen, and then continued becoming perfect once on the tart. Also, I chopped up the carrot tops instead of using other herbs--sublime.

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Carrot Tart With Ricotta and Feta Recipe (2024)


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